Month: July 2021

Why Is Vaginal Lubricant Important?

Vaginal lubrication is the indicator of healthy vaginal tissues. During genital sexual arousal, the lubrication increases, which facilitates sexual intercourse. It readies the vagina for easier penetration by significantly reducing irritation and friction. Friction and rash are often caused by inadequate vaginal lubrication. Some women are more lubricated, while some face vaginal dryness. It has …

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8 Things You Should Know to Improve Your Vulvovaginal Health

Vaginal health is essential to take care of. As women get older, the vulva and vagina tend to get dryer near menopause. Maintaining a healthy vulva and vagina prevent you from contracting infections and discomfort. Many women experience irritation around their pelvic area as they grow older, which results in a lack of libido. Therefore, …

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